The Five Crowns of Tiamat

Barrow of the Great King - the Prologue

So, I suppose I should detail what happened in the first part of the adventure, Barrow of the Great King (originally titled Barrow of the Forgotten King before I made a few changes to the history of the setting halfway through and decided that the king wasn’t really all that forgotten). In summary, here’s what happened (with a few changes made, since some of you have retroactively modified your characters since then):

Four adventurers, Rolan (a Halfling Rogue and master of dual-wielding kukris), Tuvatu (a Gnome Druid, a skilled divine magician and warrior of nature who hails from the desert), Tenzin (a Dragonborn Half-Elf Paladin, a righteous warrior and servant of Bahumat, the demigod of good dragons), and Finnix (a Dwarf Warblade, a talented wielder of the greataxe), witness the murder of one of the king’s advisors while giving a speech at Luhan’s most prestigious playhouse, the Dancing Dragon Theater. After catching an associate of the culprit, they realize that the assassins are warriors sent from Ebondale to kill Luhan’s king and rob the Temple of Aia’s Good of one of the world’s most prized artifacts, the Amulet of Healing, said to be originally owned by the Great King himself. After managing to counter these efforts, the PCs learn that there is about to be an attack on the town of Kingsholm, where the Great King was buried with his personal entourage of knights and the various powerful magic items in his possession.

Naturally, the PCs give chase, entering the mausoleum and following what is apparently a band of grave robbers through the dungeon, fighting the various undead monsters they leave behind to guard their trail. A fast-paced chase ensues, with the PCs traveling through the tomb in hot pursuit of their opponents. The PCs learn from decorations on the walls and the various inhabitants of the structure (such as a fey spirit tied to an underground river and waterfall) that the Great King was assassinated, killed by his most loyal servant, known now only as the Betrayer. Eventually, the PCs encounter the Betrayer himself, who has been sentenced to an eternity trapped in the tomb, doomed to guard the grave of the one he slew. The Betrayer attempts to fool the PCs into believing he is the undead spirit of the Great King, trying to trick them into letting him free, but the PCs see through his deception and he attacks them in a fit of rage. After a desperate and hard-fought battle, with several of the characters coming near death, the PCs slay the Betrayer and finally put him to rest. Shortly afterword, the PCs catch the tomb robbers and slay their leader, a powerful spellcaster who appears to be a humanoid dragon with green scales. The PCs realize that the robbers were unassociated with the emissaries of Ebondale and Aia’s Darkness who attacked Luhanan, but agents of Tiamat the Dragon God, the worst enemy of all Aspects of Aia!

This is where we left off, with the PCs standing over the bodies of their fallen enemies in the tomb, next to the sarcophagus of the Great King himself.



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