The Five Crowns of Tiamat

Session Four - Capture and Escape

Wow. This was the first session in 85 days (our last one was November 7th!).

We started with Rolan and Tenzin leaving the town of Talar (which was recently convinced to evacuate). After a brief discussion, the two decide to go to Witchcross and warn them of the oncoming horde (the other option debated is to make a stop at Brindol). When they arrive, they find the town suspiciously silent, and, when they enter, the gate slams shut behind them and they are surrounded by a group of fifteen hobgoblins and three ogres. Hathar, Tuvatu’s animal companion, manages to leap over the fence that surrounds the village and escape, but Rolan (who almost got away, but was pulled off the fence by a hobgoblin just as he was almost over), Tenzin, and Blazing Tempest (Tenzin’s tiger mount) are bludgeoned into submission, knocked unconscious, and loaded onto a wagon which then is drawn swiftly through the Witchwood towards Rhest swamp.

When the captives have almost reached Rhest, the hobgoblin driver and guards are suddenly informed that they are needed urgently by a certain “Wyrmlord Saarvith.” The guards leave immediately and abandon Tenzin and Rolan in the nearest hobgoblin base of operations, which, in this case, happens to be an encampment of Children of Fharla (mentioned in an earlier post) that has been captured and surrounded by a hundred or so hobgoblin soldier and a few ogres. Meanwhile, Tuvatu and Finnix stop harassing the main force of hobgoblins and (informed of their comrades’ position by Hathar) rush to meet up with the rest of the party so that they might allow them to escape.

Meanwhile, Rolan and Tenzin get to know the leaders of the Fharlans. Kimiiar and Salliara are the spiritual leaders of the group of gypsies. They are not normal Fharlans; they once were, but they are dead and reincarnated by their god, Fharla, for their loyalty to him and his ways. Their form shifts from moment to moment, and looks different to each person, making them rather disconcerting to talk to. The clan’s greatest warriors are Fiil and Nott. Together, the clan’s leaders and warriors begin to plot their escape (as well as that of Rolan and Tenzin), coordinating with Tuvatu and Finnix via her animal messenger spell. Salliara makes the PCs swear that, in return for the Fharlans’ aid, the party will attempt to remove the Red Hand’s presence from the swampland and take out Wyrmlord Saarvith, who is responsible for their capture and the death of several clan members. The night after their capture, Tuvatu creates a diversion by blasting the north side of the encampment with columns of flame, summoning monsters and causing chaos with various other spells. In the confusion, Rolan, Tenzin, Salliara, Nott, and Fiil escape via the now-unguarded south side.

The group eventually arrives at Rhest swamp. After a brief encounter with some lizardfolk (resolved via Rolan’s diplomacy – it turns out that the lizardfolk are not particularly fond of the Red Hand), we stopped the session.



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